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Have you been repeatedly failing your theory exam? Do you experience nervousness or fear that keeps you from achieving the practical evaluation? Looking to buy a genuine driving licence in the UK? Get your authentic UK driving licence quickly and hassle-free. Secure and verified documents at your fingertips.

Buy Genuine driving license uk

Why Choose Our Genuine UK Driving Licences?

We are unique experts in producing and registering authentic, real, and safe UK driver’s licence. We have many years of experience in this field. You can, therefore, be sure that, regardless of your order, you will always receive a high-quality official document that meets the required standards and requirements from the issuing organization. To process, we collect some identity documents from our clients. All information we collect is 100% confidential and absolute. We do not share your legal documents with any other third party not involved in the production process.


Buy Theory Test Certificate

Taking the driver theory tests isn’t easy, especially for foreigners who cannot speak English. Preparing for a theory exam can take months or years, and you can still fail. You can buy a theory exam certificate from our website to avoid that.

Our theory exam certificates are issued by DVSA and registered online. If you have failed your theory certificate countless times, buying a theory certificate would be a better option.

buy theory test past certificate

Some of our completed Theory Projects:

Buy Practical Driving Test Pass Certificate

Buying a practical test certificate on our website is easy. All you need is to provide :

  • Your provisional licence
  • Your theory exam certificate
  • Your email address and mobile number

The Driver practical exam is another difficult field for applicants. Seeing good driving instructors seems to be a difficult task. Even if that were not an issue, applicants still face other problems like nervousness, fear of failure, strictness and/or language barriers and fail the practical exam.

We can help you avoid all of these by providing you with a valid practical certificate issued by DVSA. This certificate wouldn’t cost you much, depending on the category you are applying for. Tired of failing your driving examination and wasting money on lessons? Buy a practical driving evaluation pass certificate online from our website. 

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Some of our completed Driving Test Pass Projects:

Ban removal

A Ban removal is possible with us. You can be banned from driving if you already have 12 or more penalty points. Your ban can last: 6 months, if you get 12 or more penalty points within 3 years. 12 months, if you get a second disqualification within 3 years. 2 years, if you get a third disqualification within 3 years. No matter the nature of the ban, we can help you remove a ban legally with no issues. To remove a ban, we need the following: The court letter(s) you received

The day & date of the offence
Your Provisional Licence or driving licence (Picture)
Your National Insurance

Points removal from Driving Licence

You can remove points legally. Depending on the number of points and the offense, we can assist you in removing your points from the system.



Do you want to buy one online on our website but do not know how to go about it?  Follow these steps below:

  1. Visit our contact page and Fill this contact form.
  2. Submit the required information and specify that you want a genuine one.
  3. We shall contact you via WhatsApp if you have it available. Alternatively, you can click here to chat with an assistant directly.
  4. Submit the requirements to buy a genuine driving licence online.

You can Buy UK Driving licence online or buy real UK driving license without the theory test or practical exam.

You may have mastered driving and do not want to spend much on getting one or may need one and not have much for the written exam and practical session. We here to assist you with the entire process at an affordable cost. You can buy a real one with us at an affordable price without the theory or practicals.

Our UK licences are authentic, original & verified, and can be checked in the DVLA database to confirm our work. We promise that you will enjoy a safe and secure journey.

Have you failed the driving exam in the UK several due to lack of concentration, errors, stress, language constraints, or probably because the system is too demanding with their regulations in such exams?

Statistics have shown that for more than 20 years, the success rate has fallen sharply due to the complex procedures. We are here to reduce the stress, failure, and expenditure involved in buying a real licence in the United Kingdom. But remember, we DO NOT get rid of the formal and legal procedures involved, but rather, we take them under our control to ensure a seamless and smooth acquisition.


Note that there is a 0% failure rate with this procedure. All our applicants have benefited from a discrete and complete registration with no legal complications while using. The only challenge we have faced so far is timing.


Client Details

To Buy a driving license Online, the Clients send us their details and signature that will be needed for the registration

Handling Fee

The handling fee is paid and used for certification and official paper processing, with licence production included. This is to build trust with clients.

Pre-Delivery Checks

Prior to delivery, a picture or video is sent to the client as proof of creation, and the client confirms based on the verification methods available.

Payment Completion

The client sends the final payment alongside his/her mailing address, which is where they will receive their driver's license. This procedure takes 5 to 9 working days.

FAQ For Buy Genuine Driving Licence UK

How do you check if a UK license is real?

Do a visual check to check whether the documents are fake or real. Observe the holograms, watermarks, and embedded microtext properly. Then, use your finger to find raised writing such as surname, category, and date. You will find them above the profile photo. Finally, visit the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) website to verify the certificate’s authenticity. Also, DVLA now issues a photocard licence. So check that as well. Otherwise, you may get into money-making scams. BBC News often reports about fake documents and licences.

Are paper driving licenses still valid in the UK?

Unfortunately, the paper certificate is no longer valid in the UK. If you have issued the document before 1998, it will only be valid then.

How can I get my driving licence online in the UK?

You can get your one online from us. We are here to help you get one. All you have to do is to provide the document we need. We will manage a certificate for you without even having an exam if you have proper driving skills.

Can I exchange my expired UAE driving license in the UK?

Yes, luckily, you can exchange the UAE driving certificate in the UK even if it is expired and continue driving in the UK. But most of the foreign ones are not exchangeable when they expire.

Can I drive in the UK with an Indian license?

Yes, you can drive in the UK with an Indian document. However, it is only possible for the first year. After a year, you have to exchange or acquire an original UK document or certificate to drive in the UK.

Can a foreigner get a driving licence in the UK?

Yes, a foreigner can get one in the UK. You have to go through the procedure to get one.